Hi, my name is Amy Kodrich! I am a student at Cabrini University, in Radnor, Pennsylvania majoring in Digital Communications and Social Media.

With the resources provided me at Cabrini University, I have developed a passion for journalism, social media and multimedia storytelling. These hands-on experiences have helped me to advance my skills in communication and has helped me build a leadership reputation. I have a passion for learning and advocating social justice issues through storytelling through audio, still pictures, writing, video and graphics. 

My most exciting experience was during my junior year, I held the position as Writing Managing Editor for my university’s student news media, the Loquitur. In this position I managed the Loquitur’s staff writers and arranged for publication, printing and distribution of written material. I copyedited weekly for grammar, clarity, content and formatting before articles were published on the website. 

I worked as a classroom coach in two social justice courses focusing on human trafficking and immigration. As a classroom coach I worked to help educate students on the topics and act as a source for students to go to for help on assignments. I loved engaging with students and educating them on important social justice topics.

After graduating I hope to purse a career in marketing where I can utilize all my transferable skills.

Connect with me!

Email: amykodrich@gmail.com